Welcome to Puzzles Puzzles is an entertainment center for families to connect, celebrate and have fun. Located in Southwest Orange County, Puzzles Offers:

  • Moon Bouncers and Slides
  • An Arcade
  • Pizza & Concession
  • Retail Shop
  • Private Party Rooms
  • Special Events
  • A safe and Entertaining Environment

Now is the Time to Book Your Summer Field Trips, please call us at 407-855-5128 to get the date and time you need!

A Playground with a Purpose

Puzzles will also serve as a classroom to teach employment and independent living skills to young adults with developmental disabilities.

Providing a resource for a participating school, Puzzles will satisfy a need for real world training. These Individuals (age 18-22), who would otherwise still be learning in a high school classroom, will be given an opportunity to work and learn in a supervised, operating business. An education that can help them gain permanent employment in their community. Puzzles is truly a place for:

  • Connecting Communities Through Family Entertainment

Company Summary

Puzzles is coming together for 2 distinct purposes – providing a place where the entire family can go for safe enjoyable entertainment and teaching employment skills to individuals with disabilities ages 18-22.

  • In the southwest area of Orange County, entertainment facilities are lacking. Puzzles will be able to fill the need for wholesome, family oriented fun at an affordable price in the local community.
  • There are no real training programs for young adults with disabilities. Puzzles will give individuals with disabilities an opportunity to learn employment skills and independent living skills in an operating business which can then lead them to permanent employment in the community.

Company Ownership

Puzzles is owned by several private investors including a parent of a child with autism and an occupational therapist.


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